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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Feedback About Our Sports T-Shirts

We've compiled a list of some of our UNCENSORED customer reviews
(sent in by real fans who actually love our awesome sports t-shirts)


“I’ve seen this brand True Rivalry pop up! Reminds me of the cult following FUBU has.”
- Daymond John, FUBU, entrepreneur, author and Shark Tank investor

“I really like the material… the shirts fit and felt great.”
- Matt Cain, 2x World Series champion and Perfect Game pitcher

“On top of the fact that I love the fit of the True Rivalry shirts and the vintage look, the company really understands why we love our sports team. We’re proud of our cities and love representing the colors of our team. More than that, we love to brag about our victories. True Rivalry gear lets us talk smack without having to actually say anything.”
- Annakin Slayd, Hip-Hop Artist

"True Rivalry nails it when it comes to originality in graphic tees. Whatever your team or city is, they have a creative look waiting for you."
- Rich Davis, Host of SiriusXM show Morning MashUp and The Covino and Rich Show

”Lets get it”
- Reggie Bush, NFL RB and Super Bowl Champion (talking about our roaring Detroit Football T-Shirt)

“Great Stuff!”
- Alex Galchenyuk, NHL player, Montreal Canadiens  

“Hey True Rivalry, thanks for outfitting this huge Habs fan with some sweet birthday gifts!“
- Mark Bergman, Virgin Radio Montreal

“Genius: The official LeBron "Bandwagon" shirt is out from True Rivalry.”
- Darren Rovell, ESPN (praising our latest Lebron T-Shirt)  

”Beautiful graphics. Simple, right to the point and captures your attention… I really like this product.”
- Keith Murray, Manager/Buyer at Hockey Experts DDO

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for the awesome t-shirts!! Brody and I love them!”
- Taylor Mosher, MTV “The Hills”  

“Awesome T-Shirt… I Love it!!! I’m always ready to rep.”
- Pat Curran, MMA fighter and former Bellator Champion

“Thanks for the awesome stuff #SickLine #CheckThemOut”
- @JBlacker91, Professional Hockey Player  

“True Rivalry tees are the best! Every time I wear one I get noticed. They're super comfortable and my go to gift for all the sports fans in my life. Plus they donate to charity so check em out. There's always something new at True Rivalry. I love these guys!”
- Lisa Varga, Actress and model

"Truly one of the most comfortable tshirts I've ever worn. I'm a lifetime buyer of this brand. Graphics and slogans are hilarious and a must own for any sports fan."
- Eric I., Brooklyn NY  

“True rivalry is amazing. All of their shirts are original , creative , and super comfy . They have amazing customer service and just a wonderful brand all around. My only problem is that I don't have enough money to buy all their merchandise.”
- @habsislifee

“Just got my TR tee in the mail & WOW! Exceeded expectations. High quality tee and probably the best tee I've bought in a while.”
- @carolinelevine  

“Absolutely love the design of the shirts! Your designs hit the ball out of the park. Super soft and comfortable. You got a customer for life”
- @alexcmma

“Best shirt yet. It's the official LeBron bandwagon tee!”
- @camcox4  

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