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True Rivalry® cannot be categorized as just another brand. We are a sports culture devoted to bridging the gap between fashion and sports. Class and attitude; two qualities we sew into the very fabrics of our clothing. True Rivalry strives to revolutionize athletics and sportswear as seen today by millennials in order to create something fresh and organic. We’re fanatics. Fanatics for the game – win or lose, we’ll let you know how we really feel. Our need to express our love for the game comes second to none. True Rivalry blends individuality with collective forces to achieve a higher passion for sports. We cut the generic and bland out of our lives and really started to feel. Started to express unconditionally. We see ourselves only beginning – since 2012, we’ve evolved to become a global aesthetic representation for the sports lover. We’re in it for the long run, can you say the same?


To spark a fire in the hearts of all who love sports and fashion. To deliver the missing key between both worlds. We don’t believe you should sacrifice style and your edginess just to show your love of sports. We’re in it to really make sports a part of everyone’s daily apparel and start a movement. A movement, a culture; one that embraces loyalty, style, and passion.


Our word is bond. When we say that our shirts are of the highest quality and we don’t settle for anything less than perfection, we mean it. Our customers’ satisfaction means everything to us so going above and beyond for all of our True Rivals is the norm. Join our culture and we got your back – for life.

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