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Sports Tees, Vintage Sports T-Shirts, and Classic Sports Apparel

Rivalry Sports T-Shirts For Everyone! 

If you have never shopped our online store you are in for a BIG SURPRISE! You have gone to the games and seen rival team fans wearing some fantastic sports tees and other sports apparel (like vintage baseball hats), that give your team a run for its money. Sometimes they pick on your number one player and other times it’s the team in general. Well, it’s your turn to give it right back to them! At True Rivalry® we are ready to supply you with funny, vintage and classic sport tees that will shout support for your team.


Graphic Sports Tees For Real Sports Fans

Then again, maybe you want to tell the other team exactly how you feel about them! We have it all here. Whether your sport of choice is baseball, basketball, football, hockey or some other sport, you must understand, at True Rivalry® we are not bound by official league licenses. We are able to say what we want, in the colors we want, as loudly as we want. The choice is always ours! Our merchandise is very affordable because we do not have to pay a portion of our sales to any one team or league – and you reap the benefits.


Amazing Customer Service At This Online Sports T-Shirt Store

You will also discover world-class customer service when dealing with our online t-shirt store. Your order is processed promptly and shipped quickly. It does not matter if you are purchasing one t-shirt or 100. We have made special sports shirts for social clubs to wear to games that express their support for their team as well as their organization. It is a great marriage of encouragement and patronage.


No Minimum Order Required

We have some of the most unique sports apparel available on the internet and there is no minimum order. Whether you are a fan of awesome funny sports t-shirts, graphic sports tees, or both, you'll enjoy shopping at With True Rivalry® t-shirts, you don’t just wear your heart on your sleeve – it’s emblazoned across your chest, for all to see. 

It's Not Just A Game. It's Personal! It's Not Just A Hobby. It's A Passion!

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