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About Us

A Collection of Unique Sports T Shirts, Unlicensed Sports Tees, Graphic Sports Tees, Vintage Sports T-Shirts, Sports Hoodies, Hats and Classic Sports Apparel


Any sports fan who has visited a stadium or shopping mall store knows that branded sports apparel can be extremely expensive for what you get. That is why we came up with the concept at True Rivalry®. Since we are not licensed by any official major sports league, we do not have to get our designs pre-approved nor do we have to give a portion of our sales back to a league.


Buy Our Sports Tees if You are a Real Fan! 

We want to be the brand for the REAL sports fan. With True Rivalry®, you don’t just wear your heart on your sleeve – it’s emblazoned across your chest, for all to see. 


Our Customers Benefit in Several Ways:

ONE QUESTION: What side are YOU on?

Giving Back:

At True Rivalry® we believe strongly in giving back and have partnered with several charities to raise money and to promote fund raisers. Check out our charity page to see some of the great organizations that have given us the pleasure of working together.


 Note: True Rivalry® has no affiliation
to the NFL, MLB, NHL, or NBA.


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