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ICYMI: Manning vs. Johnson - Egg Russian Roulette

In case you missed it last night, Peyton Manning and Magic Johnson squared off in a game of Egg Russian Roulette on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.


September 02, 2014


Posted in football, football rivalry

NFL Rivalries

2 NFL Football Rivalries Restored Sunday!


Are there still rivalries in the NFL?


With so many players bouncing around in the offseason from one team to another, do rivalries still exist? They certainly do! 100%!


Realize this, watching a football game is much more intense when you know that the teams/players dislike each other and every play gets chippy after the whistle. The truth is you never know what's going happen, and it’s exciting!



So, we have taken it upon ourselves to talk about 2 NFL rivalries that are about to be restored. Do you think there are others? Please share your comments!


1. SF vs. Dallas


This one was most exciting NFL rivalries in the 90's, and one of our personal favorites. Remember when Steve Young was hurling to Terrell Owens and Emmmit was in his prime? Well, things have definitely changed over the years, but the intense competition between these 2 proud franchises is still there.

In SF, Kaepernick is at the helm and he has 26 year old, Michael "chip on his shoulder" Crabtree back, with a ton to prove. Frank Gore is getting up there in age (31)...just saying. Some people say that the window on Tony Romo is closing. No more excuses! He and Dez must take a step forward this year! 

These two teams with great success and history have met 33 times (including 7 postseason games). Dallas has won 16 games and San Francisco has also won 16 games. They have also tied 1 time.


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2. Oakland vs. NYJ


These two teams have met 43 times (including 4 postseason games). Oakland has prevailed 23 times and New York only 18 games, but they have also tied 2 games. Although, this is not your prototypical NFL rivalry, whenever these two teams meet, it's a hard hitting, defensive style affair. This year both team have a lot to prove. There have been several key changes and both team would like to take a step forward.


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OH...One last question, what side are you on?

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