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True Rivalry Inc. Announces Partnership with Rocket Sports Media



True Rivalry Inc. Announces Partnership with Rocket Sports Media

MONTREAL, QC. – March 23, 2013 — This week, Rocket Sports Media, Inc. (RSM) and True Rivalry announced a new partnership created to give passionate sports fans a different way to make their voices heard.  The initiative is led by Rick Stephens, President and Founder of Rocket Sports Media, and Jason Portnoy, President and Founder of True Rivalry.

RSM is a digital media publisher of premier sports and entertainment websites like All Habs Hockey Magazine ( and Hockey Pub (  “We have become a trusted source in the hockey world, hold a dominant position in social media, and we are a recognized leader in organizing fan events,” says Stephens.  RSM holds a mission to provide an all-encompassing global reach for sports enthusiasts by finding ways to inform, entertain, and engage them.

A partnership with True Rivalry ( goes a long way towards fulfilling that mission.  True Rivalry is a Montreal-based sports apparel designer and manufacturer specializing in unlicensed merchandise geared  toward fans of all sports and teams.  “We cater to all levels,” says Portnoy, “from the ones who would miss their own wedding for a playoff game, to the casual fan, and even to the person who just wants to wear a cool and stylish looking tee.”

By combining the influential online presence of RSM’s brands and their popular fan events with the unique, quality merchandise of True Rivalry, sports fans will have an opportunity to speak their mind and support their favorite teams in an array of different avenues: online, in person, and as part of their wardrobe.  Stephens believes fans will greatly benefit from this new collaboration and adds, “At Rocket Sports Media, we are committed to being innovative in our industry and responsive to our community.  I’m thrilled to be involved with a company that has a similar business philosophy and has demonstrated a distinct ability to tap into the pulse of passionate sports fans.”

Portnoy agrees that the partnership with RSM is a perfect fit for him and his growing company.  “I just think the ideas for collaboration are endless.  I am excited to be working with a group that shares the same thought mentality, strategy, and vision that we pretty much use to run True Rivalry.”  He adds that he has admired the work of RSM as a loyal reader of All Habs Hockey Magazine.  “It’s a website that isn’t afraid to start a conversation and debate.”  Stephens is equally supportive of True Rivalry’s products and says, “It’s refreshing to work with a business that’s helping fans to truly express themselves and make a statement.  They accurately capture what’s in the minds of sports enthusiasts and offer a quality product that you are proud to wear.”

True Rivalry merchandise will appear in various giveaways, promotions, and prizes online and at RSM-sponsored events.


For more information regarding this press release, True Rivalry®,  Rocket Sports Media, Inc., its publications, or for advertising and sponsorship inquiries, please contact: or Rick Stephens at


Jason Portnoy
Jason Portnoy


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