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New Number One

Rory McIlroy edged out Tiger Woods yesterday and became the second youngest #1 ranked player (behind Tiger). However, that seemed a bit overshadowed by Tiger's brilliant performance. 


So, we gotta ask... Tiger or Rory: What side are YOU on?

Jason Portnoy
Jason Portnoy


1 Response


November 13, 2015

Absolutely delusional link Matthew. Have you ever heard the sinayg Lies, damn lies, and statistics? The lie you’re using is called statistics. You can use any statistic you want to make a case for your arguments, and you cherry-picked a couple that were convenient for you. Tiger might win 18 Majors. He might win 20. But your justification for him winning 25+ is on the ridiculous side. You’re also conveniently discarding one statistic that is more important than you’re leading on 0 Majors in 4 years. He won 14 of them in 11, and now he hasn’t won in 4. He will win again maybe even this Sunday. But he will not win 11 more championships.

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