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Yes… it’s been a while since we unleashed the Halak Stop-Sign phenomenon on the city of Montreal.

Yes… It’s been a while since our friend Kris Letang helped celebrate our launch…

And yes… it’s been a while that we left our amazing fans and supporters waiting anxiously for our return.

But as with anything, time heals all wounds and we are back and better. We listened to your concerns, comments and praise and we are VERY happy to bring back to you a new and improved TRUE RIVALRY brand. 

Our site and products may have changed but we assure you our customer service is still top of the line. Rest assured, with True Rivalry you are now getting the BEST of  THE BEST… ALL AROUND. From quality to service…

Welcome back to our fans
Welcome back to our brand

….  It feels great to be back

Jason Portnoy
Jason Portnoy


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