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Best Catch in NFL History - Odell Beckham Jr.

Love them or hate them, it does not matter! On the Sunday Night Football game, in a divisional matchup, between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, Giants Rookie Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. came to play and he brought his "A" game.

Having already scored a TD in the first quarter of the game, to put the Giants up 7-0, he scored another TD on the first play of the second quarter. However, this one was special!

Now, it was not the most meaningful and definitely not the most important catch but he flat-out made the best, most athletic catch ever. The announcer, an ex-wide receiver himself, Cris Collinsworth, calling it the flat the best catch in NFL history.  

Kept his foot in bounds. Fought off the defender. Went up with his inside hand. Never puts his other hand on the ball. The other announcer, Al Michaels, called him "Insane" (for making such a ridiculous catch). Simply unreal! 

We dare you to submit any challenging "Best Football Catch" videos!

Jason Portnoy
Jason Portnoy


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