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NFL Question - Going into Week 12...Who's the Hottest?

NFL fans from all over, we're a few days away from Week 12 action, and there are some teams that are currently hot and we'd like to pose the question:


Who's the hottest team in the NFL? 


1. New England Patriots 

Is it the New England Patriots? They are currently riding a 6 game winning streak and that includes including back-to-back victories against the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts. They are beating teams with a balanced approach, using both their passing and running games. As well, their defense seems to be doing just fine, limiting great quarterbacks like Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning to very mediocre numbers, which isn't something that many teams have been able to do. Tom Brady, who started the season very slowly is definitely coming on strong now. He is throwing well, to a wide array of receivers, and Jonas Gray just proved this week, that he is an asset to their running game, scoring 4 touchdowns! This team is definitely running on all cylinders and with Bill Belichick still in control, the New England Patriots have to be an early favorite to win the AFC Championship.

2. Green Bay Packers

What about the Green Bay Packers? They've also been extremely hot, having won six out of their last seven games, all of which were by at least 20 points. They are currently tied with the aforementioned New Patriots with the highest point differential, outscoring their opponents by 105 points, to this point. Aaron Rodgers is on an absolute tear right now as he is playing at that elite level again. Surprisingly enough, their defense is doing well, they limited the Philadelphia Eagles, run by Chip Kelly, an offensive mastermind, to only 20 points! They're poised to fight for a #1 seed in the playoffs and would love to get that crucial bye week and extra guaranteed home game that they would desperately need.

3. Arizona Cardinals

Lastly, what about the 9-1 Arizona Cardinals (who no one is talking about)? With arguably the best defense of the bunch, and a very hard home team to play against, this team has ripped off 6 straight wins (last loss was October 5 @ Denver). They did however, suffer a setback last week, losing their starting quarterback Carson Palmer for the year to a torn ACL. Backup QB, Drew Stanton stepped in this past week and held his own, beating the Detroit Lions 14-6 and throwing for over 300 years (306 yards). A big test is waiting this weekend, the Cardinals go up against the defending Super Bowl Champ Seattle Seahawks.


So the question remains, what side are you on and who's the hottest team out of these 3?


Let us know your thoughts!

Jason Portnoy
Jason Portnoy


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