About Us

Rivalry Sports Team Tees, Vintage Sports T-Shirts, Team Hoodies, Hats and Classic Sports Clothes... 

At True Rivalry®, we know it’s not just a game - it’s personal and our hearts get poured into it. We live and breathe everything sports be it hockey, baseball, basketball or football. So, it has become our mission to give sports fans a stylish, original and a comfortable way of expressing their passion with our t-shirts, hoodies and hats.

Everyone loves a great sports rivalry and so we decided to channel all that fervent energy. The result: True Rivalry®. We identified a strong need for a new way for sport fans to express their passion and, since we at True Rivalry® are unlicensed, we could make our own sports apparel with slogans that the big brands can’t. We want to be the brand for the REAL sports fan. With True Rivalry®, you don’t just wear your heart on your sleeve – it’s emblazoned across your chest, for all to see. 

By taking this new approach to the sports market and attracting passionate sporting fans, press, athletes and celebrities to the brand, True Rivalry® is becoming a hot brand and growing quickly.

ONE QUESTION: What side are YOU on?

Giving Back:

At True Rivalry® we believe strongly in giving back and have partnered with several charities to raise money. Click Here to see some of the great organizations that we have been lucky to have worked with.