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December 14, 2014


Our Predictions for Top 10 NBA Scorers

So, Kobe Bryant entered his December 14, 2014 game against the Minnesota Timberwolves 9 points away from passing Michael Jordan (32,292 points) as the 3rd highest career scorer in the NBA and he did just that in the 2nd quarter, surpassing #23 with a couple of free throws. This is obviously an amazing feat and we want to wish Kobe Bryant a huge congrats! However, this accomplishment got us talking...

Will Kobe Bryant still part of the Top 10 scoring list in when all is said and done 2015? His competition is steep, young and hungry. This is definitely a great debate so we've compiled our list!

Our Predictions for Top 10 NBA Scorers by the end of 2014-2015:


  1.   LeBron James - A dominant scorer, with the efficiency of a PF/C. He is always always improving his post game and he's a good shooter. He can score at will but now has a very good supporting cast (Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving). 
  2.    Kevin Durant - Just coming off an injury and will give Lebron a real run for his money. He's a also dominant and scores at will.
  3.    James Harden - Currently averaging a league high 26.3 points per game and Dwight Howard is providing nice presence under the net for him to feel confident to shoot all day.
  4. Steph Curry - He's the best shooter in the league, hands down. It's crazy how a 3pt shot to him is like a dunk for Blake Griffin. Averaging just under 49% from the field, taking over 7 3-pointers a game. 
  5. Kobe Bryant - The aforementioned Kobe Bryant, a pure scorer for so many years, but we're not sure has enough juice in the tank (shooting a career low 38.6% from the field).  


Rounding out the remaining Top 10 NBA Scorers:


6. Blake Griffin

7. Carmello Anthony

8. Anthony Davis 

9. Lamarcus Aldridge

10. Klay Thompson


Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts!

December 09, 2014


#Montreal Fans #Habs Package

While this has been a very difficult week for the Montreal Canadiens, Habs fans, hockey fans and many others world-wide, we must find a way to look on the bright side.

So... we have decided to do just that! For the best fans in the sports world, we are going to be holding a contest until Thursday December 11, noon EST.

Here are the details:

Win this True Rivalry Habs package:

2 tickets to Canadiens vs Kings 12/12 and these 2 TR tees (*sizing depending on availability)

To enter:

1) Simply LIKE and tag a friend (on https://www.facebook.com/truerivalry or https://twitter.com/TrueRivalry) 
2) Post a pic of you in your TR tee using #TrueRivalry

Winner will be chosen Thursday 12pm EST

December 05, 2014


Are You A Fantasy Football Weekend Warrior?

Fantasy Football

For the vast majority of the estimated 41 million people that play Fantasy Football in the United States and Canada, the Fantasy Football playoffs began last night. Did you make it in? We hope so!

The Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears kicked off week 14, and the Cowboys thumped the Bears (Dallas Cowboys lead all-time series 14-11-0) to clinch a winning season but the Fantasy Football managers around the world don't care!

Weekend Warrior

Let's be honest, whether it's ESPN, CBS Sports, Yahoo Sports or any of the other Fantasy Football platforms, you really don't pay attention to who won the games. When the score was 35-7, NFL football fans probably turned the TV off but not the Fantasy Football fans! We're more concerned about the players and not the teams, right?   

Last Night's Fantasy Football Breakdown 

Tony Romo had an efficient night, completing 21 of 26 passes for 205 yards and throwing 3 TD's. His rating for the game was 138 and put up approximately 21 points (point totals vary from one league to another). Demarco Murray is a stud, and accumulated 219 total yards (including a season high 179 yards on the ground and approximately 33 fantasy points). He continues to make a statement for the 2014 Fantasy Football MVP. However, his owners hold their breath because of his style of play, heavy load and injury history. They all hope he can keep it up in the playoffs. Dez Bryant kinda let his owners down only catching 6 balls for 82 yards and 14.2 in point per reception (PPR) leagues.

On the other side of the ball, although the Bears lost, 3 of their offensive players still managed to put up strong fantasy numbers. Alshon JefferyMartellus Bennett and Matt Forte all had very solid games and most likely helped their fantasy owners. Unfortunately, 2 of their other stars disappointed their owners. Jay Cutler, and Brandon Marshall put in sub-par efforts and for Marshall it became much more serious, when he left the field and went to hospital (with an apparent rib injury). It's been an injury plagued season for Marshall but let's just hope he's ok.

It's Official You're Fantasy Football Season is on the line.

All of the weeks prior to this one will be wiped out! For the next 3 weeks, managers will do their best to field the best teams possible and it'll certainly be much more intense than the previous 13 weeks. Fist pumps will undoubtedly be explosive, remote controls might go flying but that's only because there is much more at stake. Be sure to do your research, set your lineups, pray and wear your Fantasy Football T-Shirts!

Winners advance to the semi-finals and losers go home!








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  4. You must be following both True Rivalry and Brandon Prust on all social media outlets.

We will select one winner on Friday November 28, 2014 at 3pm EST.


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November 23, 2014


Best Catch in NFL History - Odell Beckham Jr.

Love them or hate them, it does not matter! On the Sunday Night Football game, in a divisional matchup, between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, Giants Rookie Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. came to play and he brought his "A" game.

Having already scored a TD in the first quarter of the game, to put the Giants up 7-0, he scored another TD on the first play of the second quarter. However, this one was special!

Now, it was not the most meaningful and definitely not the most important catch but he flat-out made the best, most athletic catch ever. The announcer, an ex-wide receiver himself, Cris Collinsworth, calling it the flat the best catch in NFL history.  

Kept his foot in bounds. Fought off the defender. Went up with his inside hand. Never puts his other hand on the ball. The other announcer, Al Michaels, called him "Insane" (for making such a ridiculous catch). Simply unreal! 

We dare you to submit any challenging "Best Football Catch" videos!

November 18, 2014


NFL Question - Going into Week 12...Who's the Hottest?

NFL fans from all over, we're a few days away from Week 12 action, and there are some teams that are currently hot and we'd like to pose the question:


Who's the hottest team in the NFL? 


1. New England Patriots 

Is it the New England Patriots? They are currently riding a 6 game winning streak and that includes including back-to-back victories against the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts. They are beating teams with a balanced approach, using both their passing and running games. As well, their defense seems to be doing just fine, limiting great quarterbacks like Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning to very mediocre numbers, which isn't something that many teams have been able to do. Tom Brady, who started the season very slowly is definitely coming on strong now. He is throwing well, to a wide array of receivers, and Jonas Gray just proved this week, that he is an asset to their running game, scoring 4 touchdowns! This team is definitely running on all cylinders and with Bill Belichick still in control, the New England Patriots have to be an early favorite to win the AFC Championship.

2. Green Bay Packers

What about the Green Bay Packers? They've also been extremely hot, having won six out of their last seven games, all of which were by at least 20 points. They are currently tied with the aforementioned New Patriots with the highest point differential, outscoring their opponents by 105 points, to this point. Aaron Rodgers is on an absolute tear right now as he is playing at that elite level again. Surprisingly enough, their defense is doing well, they limited the Philadelphia Eagles, run by Chip Kelly, an offensive mastermind, to only 20 points! They're poised to fight for a #1 seed in the playoffs and would love to get that crucial bye week and extra guaranteed home game that they would desperately need.

3. Arizona Cardinals

Lastly, what about the 9-1 Arizona Cardinals (who no one is talking about)? With arguably the best defense of the bunch, and a very hard home team to play against, this team has ripped off 6 straight wins (last loss was October 5 @ Denver). They did however, suffer a setback last week, losing their starting quarterback Carson Palmer for the year to a torn ACL. Backup QB, Drew Stanton stepped in this past week and held his own, beating the Detroit Lions 14-6 and throwing for over 300 years (306 yards). A big test is waiting this weekend, the Cardinals go up against the defending Super Bowl Champ Seattle Seahawks.


So the question remains, what side are you on and who's the hottest team out of these 3?


Let us know your thoughts!

Best RIVALRY in Hockey

The Best RIVALRY in Hockey (Current and Historical)

Here’s a great question: What is the best rivalry in hockey and why? Can it only be considered the best if the games happened in the postseason? Does there need to be an unbelievable bench clearing brawl? Or, do the games just have to be close and competitive? We are going to list our two favorite rivalries (current and historical).


Best NHL Rivalries

Current NHL Rivalry: Philadelphia Flyers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

All you have to do is spend a few minutes watching a recap of the epic 2012 playoff series between these two Keystone State enemies. It will clarify and you will understand how this is one of the most heated rivalries in hockey and all of sports.

These 2 Pennsylvania teams have met in three playoff series since 2008 and the Penguins won and advanced to the Stanley Cup Final after the first two meetings. However, despite those two matchups, the Flyers gained ground in this amazing rivalry in 2012 after one of the most violent playoff series in the history of the game. Here are the top 10 moments in this tense NHL rivalry:



The current record has Philadelphia winning this battle with a 147-93-30 record. 

Historical NHL Rivalry: Montreal Canadiens vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

You just can’t deny that this hockey rivalry isn't one of the top 10 sports rivalries of all time. These two teams have been battling on the ice since 1917, and together they have hoisted 35 Stanley Cups. Unfortunately for Toronto, Montreal has recently had the last laugh. The Red, White and Blue (Bleu, Blanc et Rouge) seem to have the edge in every important category. You should also note that some of the greatest players in hockey have battled one another over the many decades these teams have been facing off. Check out this video, see what the players think!


The current record has Montreal edging Toronto with a 383-313-88 record. 

Other hockey rivalries in the mix: 

We believe that they are the best because they trully have a mix of everything good when it comes to hockey (tense games, brawls, hatred, hard hits and more…). If you feel we left a hockey rivalry off our list, let us know why. We look forward to your thoughts!

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